Your children have moved out and started families of their own. You’re relaxing in your home as an empty nester. It’s 5:00 pm, you're snuggled on your armchair, stuck inside listening to the rain tap on the window,, and you pour yourself a glass of wine. You grab one of your photo memory books on the coffee table and begin a trip down memory lane. 

You see the maternity photos you took in the field with the sun casting the most perfect light on your beautiful baby bump. You remember how tired you were that day, but how glad you were that you chose to get these photos done. 

Then you see the photos from a few weeks later. Your perfect baby, tiny as can be. You chose to do an in-home session. You remember the chaos of that day; the house was a mess, the baby wouldn’t settle, you were a postpartum, sweaty, exhausted mess.
“What haven’t you done?”

But somehow, these pictures erased anything negative you remembered about that day, and captured the little ‘in between’ moments you almost forgot about. Snuggles on your comforter. Tiny baby feet in your hands. Baby nestled up in the nook of your shoulder. Those big eyes staring up at you. Oh, how you miss that. 

The next few photos are from the following year. My, how quickly this little babe has grown. Walking with mama now, holding your hand, dancing in the sunshine, picking flowers together. 

You close the book, close your eyes, and for one split second you are back to the young, exhausted mother whose heart is absolutely bursting with love and pride for her child. 

You are so thankful you have something to remember these special years by. The money will return, but the time won’t and the memories will last a lifetime. 

Thank goodness you booked those sessions!


I am a devoted mother who is passionate about documenting your beautiful story of motherhood. 


Motherhood is hard. I get it. Money is tight, you’re absolutely exhausted, your calendar is full, your wardrobe is outdated. The money will return, but the time won’t. Your exhaustion is part of your story, and your kids love you despite your mom bun, smeared makeup, and same shirt you’ve had since college. Borrow one of the dresses in my Client Closet and see yourself as the world around you sees you- a beautiful, strong, empowered mother who loves her children something fierce. 

I went to school to be a teacher. I thought that was what I was meant to do. It was my career path and I loved it! For seven years. And then I had children and my priorities changed. My Pinterest board changed from teaching inspo, classroom decor, and lesson plans to newborn photoshoot ideas, Mommy & Me photo ideas, and baby outfit inspo. My camera roll was filled with photos of my kids, selfies with them, and screenshots of overwhelming information about how to care for these tiny humans. I quit my teaching job to be a stay at home mom, and started getting more serious about photography as a little part time gig.

Why do I do what I do?

I realized how much I love documenting all things Motherhood. I love being able to prove to women how beautiful they are. Whether it’s when they feel “huge” with their baby bumps, newly post-partum when most women feel the LEAST beautiful, or “surviving not thriving” as an exhausted mother of littles. My goal is to show you how the world sees you- absolutely beautiful and the most perfect mother for your children.