The Magic of Motherhood: Beautiful Chaos

At Kimberly Hendershot Photography, I believe Motherhood is the most beautiful thing on this earth, and I want to help you capture it. All of it.  

Messy hair, post-partum tears streaming down your cheeks, that look between mother and babe that a million words couldn’t describe.

At Kimberly Hendershot Photography...

Instead of trying to perfectly pose you or your babies, I focus on capturing those special “in between” moments that may escape the tired mother’s eye. The giggles shared, the tears shed, and the way your little looks at you when you’re not looking. All of these precious moments documented in photos you can look back on forever. 

Hi! I’m Kimberly, otherwise known as MAMA to two young babes and a crazy dog. After becoming a mother myself, I realized how special this stage of life is and began falling in love with documenting other women’s stories. I love connecting with other mother’s and relating to the challenges, chaos, and beauty of life as a mother. Let me help you capture your story!

OC Motherhood Photographer

Hello I’m Kimberly Hendershot


Money is tight

Your children won’t cooperate

You’re tired

You can just take some photos on your cell phone

Document this special time in your life that will inevitably fly by so you can have physical memories to hold on to of when your babies were oh so little. Let me create snapshots of these in between moments between you and your children without worrying about taking photos yourself, using a tripod or self-timer, or missing priceless moments trying to set up the shot.